About Us

About AVR Software Solutions

At AVR, we specialize in various software applications and technology stacks, which allows us to extend our expertise across multiple business segments. We provide end-to-software consulting and development solutions, covering everything from conception to maintenance.

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to excellence in everything we do. We use our expertise to match the right candidate with the right job, ensuring the best fit for both parties.

Our mission is to create business value for our customers, providing the best quality software solutions and services. We specialize in creating new sources of revenue for our clients by helping them develop the Information technology strategies and processes that would resolve their business issues.

In a constantly changing world, companies face the challenge of continually adapting to a dynamic environment. AVR has the foresight to handle unanticipated needs and challenges, becoming an instrumental part of our customer's success.

Why Choose Us

We constantly look for opportunities to optimize the offered solutions using various accelerators which help faster execution and delivery of your projects.
Our Technology stack selection for your projects is based on industry standards and best practices. We choose right technology for you.
Our Consultants are industry certified professionals with extensive domain expertise and execute projects with delivery excellence.
We pride ourselves in providing industry standard quality services and solutions for our clients and partners. Quality in the deliverables is our priority.